Wellbeing Patch by Swarovski

For the Swarovski use case the overall electronics stack has been defined in detail, including the first approaches for integration processes. The Smart Wellbeing Patch structure includes:

  • Functional Decorative Layer, incl.:
    • Swarovski Functional Crystals (e.g. energy-harvesting crystals, touch-conductive crystals)
    • LED display layer
    • Perovskite Printed Solar Cell (PSC),
  • Electronics Layer (incl. for instance MUSEIC chip from IMEC + temperature, humidity and UV sensor),
  • Printed PVDF haptics element,
  • Skin-Adhesion Layer.

Swarovski Crystal with red LED backlight through blue color coating (left: switch off, right: switched on)

Currently first integration test runs for a demonstrator (generation 0) are conducted for the overall Smart Patch system.

15.02.2022 update

Emotional wellbeing sensing and actuating skin patch for full-time on-line stress and mental balance monitoring and control.

Feature/component highlights:

  • Biosignal detection (e.g. temperature, ECG, GSR)
  • Functional decorative layer (incl. functional crystals, photovoltaic charging & visual interaction)
  • Printed secondary battery
  • Flexible haptics interaction¬† module

Prototype of the Functional Decorative Layer for the Swarovski Wellbeing Patch

Energy harvesting has been shown and validated under real light conditions at Swarovski (see sun exposure in the picture above)

The Smart Patch can interact with users through a Functional Crystal interface, which allows to display defined symbols by color change through the underlying LED matrix printed on a flexible PET substrate.