Wellbeing Patch by Beiersdorf

Generation 0 was used to measure electrocardiogram (ECG) signal and compared to standard lab equipment. Following a period of rest, the heart rate was raised through exercise on a stationary bike and once again brought to rest.

These are promising results which will be further improved in next generation designs where the electrode spacing is increased and the electrode configuration is optimized.

15.02.2022 update

Skin patch for monitoring emotional stress to control its negative effects on well-being and skin condition.



Physiological parameters continuously tracked by the skin patch to derive stress and wellbeing:

  • Electro-cardiogram (ECG): Cardiovascular activity, indicator for stress and body exertion
  • Electro-dermal activity (EDA): Sweat-gland activity, main indicator for stress
  • Acceleration sensor: Activity level/sleep
  • Other biosignals: e.g. temperature

Technical features:

  • Printed secondary battery
  • Photovoltaic charging
  • Flexible haptics module
  • Two-part design: Durable and removable part enabled by special adhesives