Sport Wristband Device by Polar

For the POLAR use case a design was defined, consisting of different modules in a bracelet which are connected and work together as a monitor. Beside different modules the outer sides show Solar Cells (SC) and a display (MLCD) while the inner sides show Haptic elements (HAP1/2) for communication by vibration and PPG measurement interfaces (OHR). All electronics (including MCU, memory, RF transceiver and battery) are assembled on Flexible Printed Circuit. Other technologies are possible to use also like printed electronics or textile wires for interconnections.

15.02.2022 update

A smart wrist-band demonstrator has been implemented. Figure 1 shows the demonstrator structure. The demonstrator has two locations for PPG hear rate measurement and acceleration sensing. Figure 2 shows the manufactured demonstrator in hand and a mobile app to collect data. Figure 3 shows an FFT spectrogram of one channel of the PPG data. The heart rate signal can be detected among the motion artefacts.

Figure 1: Smart wristband structure.

Figure 2: Wrist band demonstrator in hand and mobile app.

Figure 3: FFT spectrogram of PPG signal during exercise.