OE-A Meeting Europe

Swarovski presented the BEWELL project and the related Functional Crystals for enabling new technology innovations for luxury markets during the OE-A Meeting on 20th of October 2021.

BEWELL on stage at TechBlick 2021

Swarovski presented the evolution of the BEWELL project during an online event at the TechBlick Conference on Printed Electronics and showcased the developed technology layer stacks (e.g. printed battery, perovskite solar cell, LED layer) to an interested audience. The video of the talk is available on Vimeo.

BEWELL presented at ISFOE21

In the frame of ISFOE21 the project was presented online. There were several questions which showed the large interest in the work of BEWELL.

The talk was given on Tuesday the 7th of July 2019. 9:30. There were many interested questions.

LOPEC 2021

At the LOPEC 2021 VARTA presented the BEWELL project at their digital booth

Swarovski also presented the BEWELL project during the LOPEC 2021 Business Conference with a contribution on “Opportunities and challenge of printed electronics – the perspective of a jewelry manufacturer”. The talk has been also promoted by the Organic Electronics Association OE-A in social media and a press release: “Even Austrian jewelry manufacturer Swarovski adds functionality to their crystals through printed electronics.”